Chicago Tribune “Author Talks” event featuring Kathryn Stockett

Pictured with Kathryn Stockett (seated) are Sarah Beardsley, newsroom events director at the Chicago Tribune, K.J. Bradley and Mary Jo Fasan.

Last week, I attended a Chicago Tribune “Author Talks” event featuring Kathryn Stockett, who spoke about her book, The Help, a New York Times best-seller soon to be a movie by DreamWorks.  While a fictional tale, the author discussed how the book drew from the past as well as her own experiences growing up in Jackson, Mississippi.  The novel, noted Ms. Stockett, provides a look at Jackson’s racial divisions in the 1960’s, the complex interaction and treatment of household help and the hope that rose from the fragmented society – but don’t mess with Jackson.  ‘It’s my hometown and kind of like my mother,” said Stockett, “I’ll defend it if anyone tries to put it down.”  The spry, soft-spoken Southern author captivated the sold-out audience with her lively, often humorous responses to the questions posed by the Trib’s literary editor, Elizabeth Taylor.  Later in the evening, Ms. Stockett signed books and chatted with guests.  The Chicago Tribune has a series of don’t-miss events throughout the year – for more information, go to:



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